​No-code (codeless) Automation Testing

Write traceable automation scripts as soon as requirements are ready.

Reduce software's time-to-market with BotPlay


Codeless Testing Bot that anyone can use

BotPlay Automation

Super Easy Web Automation Testing

No coding
Codeless Automation, anyone can use

Automation is EASY 
Write automation testing scripts without writing any code, it's script-less, no code automation.
With a low learning curve, BotPlay is easy to adopt for even for non-tech team members like Business analysts, product managers

No Installation
Automate the testing phase, not just testing

Automation is INTEGRATED 
Automation that is integrated with the project management tools. Remove the manual overhead to manage a separate testing lifecycle. Integrate your Jira user stories with automation test scripts.

Faster Automation
4x Faster,
80% less maintenance
Automation is 4x FASTER
Write automation instructions in English, make automation scripting up to 4x faster, and reduce the maintenance effort by up to 80% less. This saves the project cost and provides long-term value.

With BotPlay, you can..

Functional Testing

Codeless way to automate functional tests

Cross-Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing with existing scripts

Web Process automation

Automate business processes on web

Web page Scraping

Scraps text from the web applications


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