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Last updated: 02 January 2022


PLEASE READ THIS END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. This End User License Agreement (“EULA”) governs your use of the BotPlay Automation desktop application software (BotPlay App), its associated upgrades, patches, and related services (the “Product” or the "software") currently provided or which will be provided by the BotPlay Automation team.


This agreement is applicable to all types of licenses.

This EULA sets out the basis on which BOTPLAY AUTOMATION makes the product available to the user.

BOTPLAY AUTOMATION’s privacy policy and term of use form an integral part of this EULA. By installing or using the Product, you agree to accept and to be bound by this EULA, privacy policy and term of use. If the user does not agree, the user must not install or use the software.

BOTPLAY AUTOMATION reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete articles in this EULA at any time, in accordance with the procedures described below in Section 6.



BOTPLAY AUTOMATION (or its licensors) grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensed, non-commercial, and personal license to install and/or use the Product (in whole or in part) and any Product (the “License”), for such time until either You or BOTPLAY AUTOMATION terminates this EULA or validity of your license, whichever is earlier.

You must in no event use, nor allow others to use, the Product or this License for commercial purposes without obtaining a license to do so from BOTPLAY AUTOMATION. Updates, upgrades, patches and modifications may be necessary in order to be able to continue to use the Product on certain hardware. THIS PRODUCT IS LICENSED TO YOU, NOT SOLD.

As applicable, certain parts of the Product may be using third-party features, some of which are managed by third-party providers for which additional terms and/or costs may apply. You must comply with such additional terms.

You shall not, directly or indirectly

  1. sell, rent out, lease, license, distribute, market, exploit the Product or any of its parts commercially,

  2. reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, adapt, reproduce, or create derivate works of this Product (except if the Product enable You through a specific feature to create, generate or submit User-Generated Content and for which You will need to create an Account and comply Terms of Use), in whole or in part;

  3. create, use and/or distribute “auto”, “trainer”, “script” or “macro” computer programs or other “cheat” or “hack” programs or software applications for this Product (whether in an online multiplayer game or in a single-player game over the internet or in local area network);

  4. remove, alter, disable or circumvent any copyright and trademark indications or other authorship and origin information, notices, or labels contained on or within this Product and

  5. export or re-export this Product or any copy or adaptation in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.

  6. create, use, share and/or publish by any means in relation to the Product any material (text, words, images, sounds, videos, etc.) which would breach of a duty of confidentiality, infringe any intellectual property right or an individual’s right to privacy or which would incite the committing of an unlawful act (in particular, piracy, cracking or circulation of counterfeit software);

  7. modify, distort, block, abnormally burden, disrupt, slow down and/or hinder the normal functioning of all or part of the Product, or their accessibility to other users, or the functioning of the partner networks of the Product, or attempt to do any of the above;

  8. transmit or propagate any virus, trojan horse, worm, bomb, corrupted file, and/or similar destructive device or corrupted data in relation to the Product, and/or organize, participate in, or be involved in any way in an attack on BOTPLAY AUTOMATION’s servers and/or the Product and/or those of its service providers and partners;

  9. create, supply, or use alternative methods of using the Products

  10. falsely claims to be an employee or representative of BOTPLAY AUTOMATION or its partners and/or agents;

  11. falsely claims an endorsement in connection with the Product or with BOTPLAY AUTOMATION.


All title, ownership rights, and intellectual property rights in and to the Product (including, without limitation, all text, graphics, music or sounds, all messages or items of information, fictional characters, names, themes, objects, scenery, costumes, effects, dialogues, slogans, places, characters, diagrams, concepts, choreographies, videos, audio-visual effects, domain names and any other elements which are part of the Product, individually or in combination) and any and all copies thereof are owned by BOTPLAY AUTOMATION or its licensors.


BotPlay automation application access is licensed and should be used post accepting this EULA.


  • Intellectual Property of the Firm includes, but is not limited to, innovations, improvements, processes, technical know-how, techniques, source code of the Firm, content made literary and artistic works, schematics, patents, proposed trade secrets, its trademarks, trade names, designs, patents and copyrighted works, notes, agreements/ contracts entered by the Firm, formulas, in-house software, VPN, etc. Intellectual Property of the Firm also extends to the content made available by the Firm to the User. We reserve the right to take any legal recourse available for the protection of its Intellectual Property.

  • All intellectual property rights including trademarks & logos and the website shall vest in the Firm and the User shall not indulge in any act that construes such trademarks & logos of the Firm belonging to the User.

  • User shall not use, receive or copy any source code and look and feel of the website and shall not reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile, or otherwise attempt to derive source code of the website for any purpose whatsoever.

  • Access or use of the website does not confer and shall not be construed as conferring upon anyone the license to use BotPlay's Intellectual Property Rights.


The EULA is effective from the earlier date You purchase, download or use the Product until terminated according to its terms. You and BOTPLAY AUTOMATION (or its licensors) may terminate this EULA, at any time, for any reason. Termination by BOTPLAY AUTOMATION will be effective upon

  • notice to You or

  • termination of Your BOTPLAY AUTOMATION Account (if any) or

  • at the time of BOTPLAY AUTOMATION’s decision to discontinue offering and/or supporting the Product. This EULA will terminate automatically if You fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this EULA. Upon termination for any reason, You must immediately uninstall the Product and destroy all copies of the Product in Your possession.


BOTPLAY AUTOMATION reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to revise, update, change, modify, add to, supplement, or delete certain terms of this EULA for security, legal, best practice, or regulatory reasons. Such changes will be effective with or, as applicable, without prior notice to You. You can review the most current version of this EULA by clicking on the “EULA” link located on the Product or on

You are responsible for checking this EULA periodically for changes. If any future changes to this EULA are unacceptable to You or cause You to no longer be in agreement or compliance with this EULA, You may terminate this EULA in accordance with Section 4 and must immediately uninstall the Product and destroy all copies of the Product. Your continued use of the Product following any revision to this EULA constitutes Your complete and irrevocable acceptance of any and all such changes.

BOTPLAY AUTOMATION may modify the Product for any reason or without any specific reason, at any time and at its entire discretion, in particular for technical reasons such as updates, maintenance operations, and/or resets to improve and/or optimize the Product. You agree that the Product may install or download the modifications automatically. You agree that BOTPLAY AUTOMATION may stop supporting previous versions of the Product upon the availability of an updated version. BOTPLAY AUTOMATION’s channel partners and associated service providers shall have no obligation to furnish any maintenance or customer support with respect to the Product.


Customer shall pay for the license/subscription-free to BotPlay. Subscription plans are available at Customers can avail a free trial for a month and shall be liable to pay subscription fees to further continue using the BotPlay platform. Post-trial period and starting of the paid period subscription fee will be charged and will not be refunded in case customer raises a cancellation request.



Customer trust is of prime importance at BotPlay and we intend to add value to customers' business through BotPlay, however, if we fail to succeed in doing so, customers can claim a 100% refund anytime before the plan expires. We would refund the last active plan cost and customers could stop using the platform post refund. 

9. Non-Transferability

The license is non-transferable and solely belongs to the purchasers of the license. Under no condition, the license shall be transferred to any other user.

10 Contact

For any question concerning this EULA, you may contact BOTPLAY AUTOMATION at the following address:

Email id:

Phone: +91-8588 007 008


This document is an electronic record generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures

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