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Automation Testing Interview Questions - Practical situational questions

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Welcome to the compilation of important automation testing interview questions.

Please consider the following note from the author -

  • Our aim is not only to give direct answers but also to make readers understand the basic and important concept of software automation testing so that they can counter any questions asked during interviews.

  • In case any reader has any other questions, do leave a comment and we will try to explain the concept. Enjoy learning. :)

Following are important automation testing interview questions -

1. What is an Automation Test Plan?/ How to write an Automation Test Plan?

An automation test plan is a detailed document that describes the automation test scope, objectives, goals, estimations, resources required and enlists the responsibilities of the automation testing team members. An automation test plan acts as a blueprint to conduct automation testing in a project. It also contains risks and contingency planning.

2. The importance of an Automation Test Plan?

Importance of an Automation Testing Plan

  1. It justifies the ROI of implementing automation.

  2. Give stakeholders an articulate automation approach.

  3. It ensures automation is measurable and traceable.

3. What are the components of an Automation Test Plan?

Components of an Automation Test Plan
Components of an Automation Test Plan

4. What is life-cycle of automation in your project?

Systematic flow to approach Automation Testing
Systematic flow to approach Automation Testing

4. How will you implement automation in your project?

Automation Testing Implementation Guide

Following are the steps that can define step by step approach to implement automation testing. The approach questions the need for automation in the first place and also gives the answers on how to implement automation testing in the best possible way.