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No-code (codeless) automation testing benefits - Automate more, code less

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

BotPlay Codeless Automation Testing
BotPlay Codeless Automation Testing

IMAGINE - Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, asking us to write code before sending an email, or Microsoft Excel asking us to write code to create a new sheet or a table or to add two numbers? Sounds weird right??

If yes then why do we use and build an automation framework/tool that asks us to write code to automate testing?

As with the utility software like Gmail, MS Outlook, or MS Excel, or any other modern software/SaaS, which let us perform the task #CODELESSLY, it is time to change how to automate testing and implement #CODELESS automation testing tools in software testing.

Codeless (No code or Script-less) Testing Tools

The market has seen an increased number of codeless software that enables codeless development. A similar trend is seen in the automation testing space and automation testing tools are not far from this codeless revolution. This shift to codeless automation testing tools is due to the overheads that come with custom frameworks like developing a framework, hiring testers with coding skills, sending time in automation maintenance that any code-full automation testing tool brings to the automation testing process, and thus slowing down the overall software delivery. Some of the pain-points of traditional automation testing and benefits of codeless automation testing are explained below -

Benefits of codeless automation testing tool

There are many benefits of using software that enable codeless testing -

  1. Saves effort & time - Codeless tools are built on the principle to save effort & time. Using these tools helps by creating test scripts without writing any code and reusing the out-of-the-box functionality of the tool.

  2. Achieve in-sprint automation and match up to development speed - As we don't have to write new code for testing, achieving in-sprint automation is far likely possible and automation testing can match up to development pace.

  3. Reduced time to market - They provide a quick way to launch a product to the market by speeding up automation testing.

  4. Low maintenance - Testing scripts become more scalable and changing them is a lot easier as you don't have to write a new code to make changes.

  5. Advantages over custom frameworks - These tools are better than custom in-house frameworks as these tools are tested thoroughly and have a wide range of features as tools are developed for multiple clients.

  6. Teams can focus on more productive tasks - By saving a lot of automation scripts development time, teams can focus on other tasks of the software development lifecycle. Teams can focus on their core business rather than worry about automation testing maintenance.

  7. More accurate testing - Since there is no coding to develop testing scripts, automation testing is more accurate, also these tools have inbuilt mechanisms like wait time, synchronization, exception handling, error logging, etc. to produce more accurate testing results.

  8. Save hiring automation developers - Using a codeless tool eliminates the need to have a team member dedicated to automation framework development. Teams can focus on hiring testers for project testing rather than dedicating their time to develop automation frameworks.

Codeless Automation testing can be made accessible to those who can’t code. BotPlay is leading tool for codeless automation testing.