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Free Codeless (no-code) UI automation testing tool for Web UI testing - BotPlay

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

BotPlay reduces your automation effort by 80%
BotPlay reduces your automation effort by 80%
  • What if a tool can let you create automation tests without writing any piece of code?

  • What if you can write test cases in human language and use the same test cases both for manual and automation testing?

  • What if you can start automation testing from day 1?

This is what exactly BotPlay Codeless Automation does to help you automate 4x faster and reduces your automation effort by 80%.

BotPlay is a free, self-service SaaS product providing a 100% codeless way to automate your testing & processes on web applications. If you are facing challenges in automation new or maintaining your existing automation framework or tool, then BotPlay is the answer for you.

Benefits of BotPlay Automation

BotPlay is lightweight, portable, and doesn’t need any installation. It is an easy-to-use, no-

code automation testing tool that removes manual dependency for automation, provides consistent results and saves testing costs, and generates ROI.

BotPlay Codeless Automation Benefits
BotPlay Codeless Automation Benefits

What you can automate using BotPlay Automation?

If you have any of the below use cases, we would recommend you try out the trial version of BotPlay and gain a comprehensive understanding of the tool and fitment for your use case and project.

BotPlay Codeless Automation Use cases
BotPlay Codeless Automation Use cases

Features - The salient features of BotPlay include supporting automation testing scripting in natural language hence ensuring 4x faster automation development with 80% less maintenance compared to other tools and custom frameworks.

BotPlay Codeless Automation Features
BotPlay Codeless Automation Features

How to use BotPlay Codeless Automation

BotPlay Codeless Automation, helps organizations to remain true to their core business priorities and solve their automation testing challenges by providing a codeless UI automation tool that anyone can automate, even a non-technical user for web automation testing.

We would recommend you to download BotPlay, free for the QA community to start automation testing in your project.

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