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21 Common Mistakes In Automation Testing and Their Mitigation

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Automation Testing

Automation testing is absolutely essential and a must-have in the modern software development approach. The benefits of automation testing are known to everyone making it even more desirable. In fact, admiration of zero manual testing, shift-left, and in-sprint automation is pushing companies to introduce automation as soon as possible in their projects. But then each organization has a distinct approach to achieving its automation goals. However, there are some common mistakes that organizations make while implementing automation.

While working on automation frameworks, I have tried to identify common challenges that organizations come across and mistakes they tend to commit. These mistakes create a snowball effect and affect the potential return on investment (ROI) of the automation.

Perfect your automation implementation by avoiding the common mistakes

Automation testing lifecycle

To plan, implement and maintain test automation, I divide the automation testing life-cycle into 4 sub-phases. This helps me to track and control automation in the projects. I have named these phases four as -

1. Automation planning,

2. Automation design/development,

3. Automation implementation and execution

4. Automation framework/script maintenance and enhancement

Automation testing lifecycle
Automation testing lifecycle

As I look at automation as a four-step process, I would like to represent these mistakes phase-wise.

Let's look at common mistakes we tend to commit while implementing test automation -

1. Mistakes during Automation Planning Phase

Mistakes during Automation Planning Phase
Mistakes during Automation Planning Phase

1.1 Not calculating Return on Investment (ROI)

The first and most common mistake teams do is not knowing if the effort they will put into automation will give a return on investment or not. The primary goal of automation is to reduce cost spending yet achieve better levels of quality. Do we calculate the ROI of implementing automation in the project? And if it is negative, what is the point of doing automation. This is the fundamental check team should do before starting automation.

Mitigation - follow the below formula to calculate the ROI of your automation execution.