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Step 2 - Write first automation script in BotPlay

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Welcome to the world of codeless web automation testing – the BotPlay Automation.

BotPlay testing bot can automate your web application manual testing and processes without writing a single line of code. It's simple, it's easy, it's portable, and, it's codeless.

Let’s learn how to use BotPlay for web automation testing.

How to automation a sample flow using BotPlay.

[Step 1] - Download, create Bot credentials, and set up the BotPlay app.

In case not done already, follow this link to complete the BotPlay set up first on your machine and resume from step 2 below. Set up BotPlay on your machine for automation testing

[Step 2] - Launch the bot.

Once setup is done, open the BotPlay App by clicking the BotPlay.exe file from the downloaded folder.

[Step 3] - Get familiar with the BotPlay.

Automate a simple use case

Let’s take a simple use case to automate a product check-out functionality on a sample e-commerce website to understand this further.

In this use case, we will automate the following steps –

1. Launch a sample eCommerce website,
2. Select a product – iPhone,
3. Enter quantity,
4. Add item to the cart, and
5. Check out the product.

[Step 1 - Create a new 'user story', 'test case' & 'automation script']

[Step 2 - Write 'user story']