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Step 1 - Setup BotPlay on the machine

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Welcome to the world of codeless web automation testing – the BotPlay Automation.

BotPlay testing bot can automate your web application manual testing and processes without writing a single line of code. It's simple, it's easy, it's portable, and, it's codeless.

As we say BotPlay is easy setting it up is simple too. Let’s learn how to set up BotPlay for web automation testing on your machine -

How to Setup BotPlay - One-time user setup

Follow the below steps to set up BotPlay on your machine. This will enable you to write codeless automation tests.


Please install the following software on your machine as a pre-requisite to use BotPlay.

1. JDK/JRE - Recommended Java version 15. Please use this link to download and install - Download Java 15 directly

After downloading, follow the link to learn how to set up java environment variables classpath and path.

Note - Java recommended version is Java version 15. It will not work with Java version 16 and above.

3. Guage - Download Guage directly. Install the plugin once the download completes.

Steps to use BotPlay

[Step 1 - Download BotPlay]

Select your free plan from After you select the plan, you will receive an email with the download link. Download BotPlay for the link and save it at the desired location

[Step 2 - Open BotPlay]

After the download is complete, unzip the file and look for the BotPlay.exe file. Open the bot by clicking the file.

[Step 3 - Create License]

For first-time users, you need to create a license key. Follow the below steps -

  • Click on the 'Settings' button,

  • Navigate to the 'Server Configuration' tab

  • Click on the link - this will open a new tab

  • Create a new login by entering a 'username' and 'password'

  • Click 'Generate License'

  • See your license details under the 'Subscription Details' section

Note: These credentials are required to generate license key and there are different from credentials you might have created on while selecting the plan. You have to create separate credentials here to create license.

[Step 4 - Save license details on your machine]

  • Copy the ‘Server’ value from the ‘Subscription Management’ section and paste it against the 'BotPlay Server' filed in the 'Server Configurations' section.

  • Perform the above step for other fields (‘BotPlay Username’, ‘authUser’, and ‘authKey’) as well.

  • Click the 'Save & Close' button

That's it, now your BotPlay is connected to the BotPlay server and ready to automate manual test cases on your machine.

[Step 5 - Run a sample script]

The BotPlay package comes with some sample scripts for you to run and test the setup. Click on the 'Run BotPlay' button to run a sample script for the selected project.

[Step 6 - Analyse the results]

Once the sample scripts execution is over, analyze the results for the sample execution by clicking the 'Results' button.

Now you and the bot are ready for automating more test cases. :)

This is BotPlay automation a unique codeless automation testing SaaS platform that lets you automate the testing on web applications without writing and maintaining any code.

With BotPlay anyone can automate. Visit to start for free.

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Easy setup steps. Thanks.

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