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Software Test Plan -  A Comprehensive Template

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Software Test Plan
Software Test Plan

Why writing an automation test plan is important?

It is well known that the risk of failure increases when there is no plan. The same is true for software testing. A project without a test plan makes the testing phase untraceable, unmanageable, and unmeasurable. Hence it is important to understand, write and implement a test plan for your project.

To improve the project quality, it is imperative to have planned testing phases managed through a well-articulated test plan. It defines what it will take to execute the testing of the project and what to expect during the testing phase.

Here are some stats -

  1. 60% of software projects do not have a test plan.

  2. 80% of the production defects are due to coding or design reasons which could be detected in the testing phase.

  3. Software quality can improve twice if the project has a test plan.

Download a sample software test plan template.

What is a Software Testing Plan?

A test plan is a detailed document that describes the test scope, objectives, goals, estimations, and resources required and enlists the responsibilities of the testing team members. The test plan acts as a blueprint to conduct software testing in a project. It also contains risks and contingency planning.

Components of test plan in software testing

Components of test plan in software testing
Components of test plan in software testing

1. Objective -

This section specifies the objective of the test plan for a particular project.

2. Project overview -

This section gives a general overview of the project to the readers of the test plan. This helps the user to understand the project better and read the test plan from the project perspective.

3. Assumptions -

Not everything is clear at the start of the project. Any assumptions or unclear requirements are specified in this section. Assumptions can be of any aspect of the project like resourcing, test environment, requirements, etc. Test Plan specifies assumptions to be made while testing the software.

Now for easy management of the testing phase, we can divide the test phase into four major sub-phases to complet