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What is Software Testing?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Software Testing
Software Testing

The Software Age

Software is a computer program that provides service to the user or solves their problems. It comprises code and procedures written in a programming language with the intent to meet user requirements. Hence accuracy and correctness of the software are important to meet business requirements and earn end users' trust. The only way to achieve this is through planned and thorough software testing.

Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, from heavy & bulky supercomputers to modern-day powerful microcomputers. A similar trend is seen in software where software and apps are touching every aspect of human life. Today, almost all services are based on software and we have apps for everything, from banking to grocery orders, from OTT to online meetings software. We are trusting the software more than ever. With the development of mobile technologies, the journey has become ever so exciting and interaction with software is a fingertip away. Hence there is a need for software to be made more accurate and trustworthy for the customers and end-users. This is where software testing plays a crucial role in the overall success of software development and customer satisfaction.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a planned activity to ensure the quality of the software and it is bug-free before it delivers to the end-user.

When the software is in the developing phase, the goal of testing is to identify the bugs, errors, and anomalies that are introduced in the code and stop them from reaching the end-user. There are high chances of the final code with inaccuracies in functionality and design. To identify these issues, it is a must to perform software testing. Software testing is a method and process of finding whether the software product works as per requirements and ensures that the software product is error-free. In other words, software testing means the verification and validation of the application under test. It involves the execution of system components using manual techniques or automated tools to validate the functionality of the software.

Why is Software Testing Necessary?

  1. Quality of product- The most important function of software testing is delivering a quality product. A cheap quality product will never win customers or add value to the business.

  2. Cost-effectiveness- Earlier the bug you fix, the more the cost business will save. Fixing a defect early in the lifecycle of software costs a fraction when compared to fix the defect in production. There is an exponential increase in the cost to fix a bug as we move right in the software development life cycle. As per the estimates, it will cost you 30x more to fix a defect in the product than to fix the requirement or design level.

  3. To achieve competitive advantage - Now in the information age, where software is the defining growth of the economy, and testing has become a significant part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The software has to be tested for faults and discrepancies to ensure the desired outcome, quality product, and satisfactory user experience in turn allowing companies to have a competitive advantage over rivals.

Software testing is a continuous process of validation and verification to deliver an error-free product. Each phase of the test is used to determine the performance and efficiency of the software. As a result, it ensures that the developed software aligns perfectly well with all the technical and business requirements.

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