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What is White Box Testing?

Updated: May 5, 2021

Software Testing
Software Testing

Types of software testing

Pre-requisite - Types of testing, how they are related?

Software testing is an integral and most critical part of the software development life cycle (SDLC). In today's age, there is software for every possible human need. It is important for software professionals to understand what are the different ways to test software.

Three software testing types -

  1. Black Box Testing

  2. White Box Testing

  3. Grey Box Testing

White Box Testing

White-box Testing
White-box Testing

White box testing is the technique that tests the

  • internal structure,

  • design,

  • code structure, and

  • data structure

of the software application.

This technique is also called structural testing, clear box testing, open box testing, and transparent box testing. The goal of testing is to improve architecture design and optimize the code and data structure of the software. It also helps strengthen the security of the software. This technique is called ‘white box’ or ‘open box’ as testers have a clear view of the application code. The person performing the white box testing should have the ability to read and understand the code, code flow, data structures, and the architecture of the application. Hence this role, in general, is played by developers. The tester will interact with the software by providing input to the code and compare the output with the expected output.