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Test Scenarios v/s Test Cases

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Test case design techniques
Test case design techniques

What are Test Scenarios and Test Cases?

Software testing is a process of finding defects while the software is in the development phase so that they are not leaked to production and end-user. Both test scenarios and test cases play an important role in the overall success of the testing process and the quality of the software delivery. Many stakeholders including project managers, developers, tech leads, and even software testers consider both are the same or similar. However, these two are considerably different and play a different role in the testing phase. Let's understands the difference between two -

Characteristics of good Test Scenarios

  1. They should cover functionality at a high level.

  2. A scenario should focus on one flow per scenario.

  3. They should be traceable and mapped to the requirements.

  4. Overall they should cover all the requirements.

Characteristics of good Test Cases

  1. Test cases should be covering all known, positive as well as negative scenarios.

  2. Test cases should be granular.

  3. One test case should only test one functionality at a time.

  4. Test cases should be self-descriptive and written considering that the executor should be able to execute the test cases even without prior understanding of the application functionality.

  5. Test cases should be efficient and not have unnecessary steps.

  6. Test cases should be reusable for future purposes.

  7. Test cases should be traceable to the requirements and test scenarios.

  8. Each test case should be independent of the others. In essence, each test case should be able to execute itself without the other test cases.

  9. Test cases should have proper validation steps.

  10. Expected results should be clearly stated at each step.

  11. Any prerequisites should be clearly specified.

  12. Test cases should contain required test cases to execute the test case.

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