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Learn software testing

Updated: May 23, 2021

Testing Basics

  1. What is Software Testing?

  2. Achieve competitive advantage in business through software testing

  3. Types of Software Testing

  4. Levels of Software Testing

  5. Layers of Software Testing/Test Pyramid/Implementation of the Test Pyramid

  6. Software Testing Levels v/s Software Testing Types

  7. What is Black Box Testing?

  8. What is White Box Testing?

  9. What is Grey Box Testing?

  10. What is Performance Testing?

  11. Test Case Design Techniques

  12. Difference Between Test Scenarios and Test Cases?

  13. Difference between White Box, Unit Testing, and Component Testing

  14. Manual Testing Interview Questions (0-5 years)

Testing Advance

  1. How to write a Test Plan?

  2. Difference between Test Plan and Test Strategy

  3. Risk-Based Testing/Risk Management Framework

  4. Software Testing Effort Estimation Techniques

  5. QA Maturity Model - How to give a quality score to your testing project.

  6. Test Management Tools

  7. Manual Testing Interview Questions (5-10 years)

Automation Testing

  1. Best Practices In Software Testing (Automation & Manual Testing)

  2. Automation Testing Implementation Guide

  3. Automation Test Plan

  4. Know what and how much to automate - Framework to identify and prioritize automation testing scope

  5. Why and when NOT to use open source automation tools just because they are FREE

  6. How to select an automation testing tool using the Test Pyramid.

  7. What is Codeless Automation Testing and its benefits.

  8. Common mistakes test teams make in automation testing and how to fix them

  9. Automation testing interview questions.

BotPlay Codeless Automation Tutorials

  1. Benefits of codeless automation testing.

  2. Botplay - the perfect tool for codeless (no-code / scriptless) automation-testing.

  3. How to start codeless automation using BotPlay testing bot.

  4. How to register BotPlay codeless automation testing bot on user's machine.

  5. Five Codeless ways to automate Web Elements in BotPlay Automation.

  6. Test Data Management in BotPlay Codeless Automation Tool.

  7. Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator - BotPlay Automation.

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